Nation project has been acquired in May 2021.

Nation is a 13,500 sqm office development project designed by ORY Architecture and located in the southern suburbs of Paris (Bagneux) adjacent to the new strategical transport hub part of the Grand Paris Express of “Bagneux Lucie Aubrac” that will benefit from the line 4 extension in 2021 and the new line 15 in 2025.

The project will transform a obsolete building (demolition/reconstruction) into a 13,500 sqm eight-story complex set around gardens, with more than 152 parking spaces and 2,700 sqm of gardens and green terraces. The building will meet the latest technical standards, provide multi-use common spaces to meet modern tenant requirements for flexible working needs and any social distancing restrictions, and will meet top quality sustainability regulations.

The asset will benefit from H2S (Hemisphere Smart Services), the best in class and highly innovative services including a co-working restaurant, a work-café, fitness classes, an auditorium, an e-concierge and flexible collaborative areas, all operated though the dedicated building App.

Nation delivery is scheduled for Q3 2023.

Risk profile
Value Added

Acquisition date
May 2021

Total area
13,500 sqm

Asset type

BREEAM, HQE, WiredScore

Plan de localisation
Point de localisation