Stone is a logistics warehouse of approximately 68,000 sqm divisible from 7,500 sqm units offering high specifications with free heights of 14 meters, sprinkler system at ceiling and rack level, and a wide range of classified certifications.

Located in Savigny-le-Temple, south of the Paris Region, Stone is connected to a main logistics transport axis (A5 and A6 motorways).

Stone was acquired vacant. The implementation of a Capex program for upgrade, division and ICPE requalification, together with an active marketing has led to the leasing up of 100% of the space to 5 tenants in 12 months.

The asset has been sold in January 2020 to a German institutional investor (Patrizia).

Risk profile
Value Added

Entry date
Feb 2019

Total area
68,000 sqm

Asset type

FM Logistic, ID Logistics, La Fleche, Jokerlog, Asiatides

Main certifications
Seveso, ICPE 1450, 1510, 1530, 2663, 4510, 4440, 4320 and 4331

Plan de localisation
Point de localisation